How to fix Your Polar Heart Rate monitor sensor H10 or any other HRM with a removable sensor

Your Polar Heart Rate monitor stopped working?
You own a H10* or any other HRM with a removable sensor on your chest?

You are looking for ways to solve the issue?
Here are some tips I figured out that will make you run again with it.

First of all, keep in mind that you might need to do all those tasks for your HRM to work again, so be patient. After each step, check if it’s already working.
  • Clean the connectors of your HRM.
  • Clean the connectors of your chest strap.
  • Use steel wool on the inside connectors of your chest strap to improve connectivity.
  • Check the battery charge and replace if necessary.
  • Check whether the battery is set in place.
  • Check the inside connectors of the HRM sensor to see if they are well connected. Pull the connector on the side a little bit more to the inside, that often does the trick.
  • Moisturize the chest strap before use.
  • Warning: physics ahead. Have cable-connected headphones ready(Bluetooth doesn’t work with this). Connect them to an audio source and listen to it. Move the cable over your HRM while it’s on your chest. If it’s working, you will hear regular distortion according to your heartbeat. If that is working, your HRM is all right, look for the solution in your watch.
  • Use a screwdriver and connect the two metals inside the hrm without the battery in place. This resets the HRM.
Good luck and tell me if it worked!

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