(Image source: Wilfred Iven)

Why do we need another meditation app?

For some reason I decided to install the android app of headspace.

There is a guy speaking. He wants you to calm down and breath. To observe your thoughts, observe your mind, observe your breath.

Nothing new, at all.

Yet there it is, the headspace app. Nothing fancy, nothing special.

Just one of many apps that deserve to be dismissed.

Yet 1 million people downloaded it and 38,228 people gave it an average of 4.6 of 5(Feb 24th of 2017).

I listened to it once. And removed the app. No benefit that justifies buying the app’s course for 14$ a month.

Netflix is a better investment.

Now I read that the guy who created it was a billionaire.

Money works in mysterious ways.

I resent myself for downloading and trying it just to be assured that it is the same „Be calm now“ nonsense you can get in every corner for free.

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