How to speed up your harddrive in Windows 10 by creating fractions

Let’s say you have several harddrives in your windows 10 computer.

Some are faster, others are slower.

The ones that are slower have bigger capacity, like the 3 TB storage that you have that is considerably slower than this 128GB that you have.

Now because of the speed you chose the 128GB harddisk, probably SD, for your windows installation.

Given the desire of windows to always store applications on „C:“, the 128GB SD, you run out of space sooner or later.

You don’t want to buy a bigger SD, because, well, you have the 3 TB.

You could install applications on the 3 TB HDD, but they will run significantly slower.

What do you do?

Here is the solution: you fractionise.

You move those files to c: that you access often and those that are huge and you access less often to other destinations.

Then you link them.

This is how you balance it out.

Here is what it looks like in practise:

    1. Get Procmon from Microsoft.
    2. Start Procmon.
    3. Click on „Reset“
    4. Click on „OK“
    5. Use the applications you normally use that are slow
    6. After a while come back to Procmon
    7. Press „Ctrl+E“
    8. Deactivate everything in the Top Icon Menu but File Activity
    9. Go to „Tools“ -> „Count Occurrences“
    10. Choose „Path“ from „Column“
    11. Click on „Count“
    12. Click on the „Count“ column to sort by occurences descendingly
    13. Click on „Save“
    14. Save to CSV

Depending on demand(ie. page visits) I will write  software that actually moves the files. Feel free to contact me if that already exists, so I can link from here.

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